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The online presence of your business ideas makes you a big winner in the technological world. We provide well-researched HRMS software solutions that can save your hard-earned cost and time. 

Amazing solutions that bring a breathtaking level of automation to your HR management process can be created by Brillant Systems Solutions. Our HRMS solutions don’t just increase automation; they also do away with the requirement for a sizable HR department. Our SaaS services provide everything you require, from tying up several branches to monitoring each employee’s performance.

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Do you desire to transform your vision into a DevOpsc Solution? Convey your thought to us to get the most satisfactory solution at an affordable price!

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A website that has better flow can boost your business to a higher level. Our designed and developed websites have a credible presence online and provide you with expert service in marketing to get optimum benefit. We follow the process to develop a website that raises its standard and people make space in the bookmark bar for it.

A module or system for managing applications and interviews.


Tools can be designed as a standalone system or as a module for your full-fledged system.

Corporate Education

Create individualized learning programs for employees and track progress with corporate learning tools.

Performance and Benefits

Track employees’ progress with a performance and benefits module or system, and reward them for outstanding work to inspire them to attain new goals.

Payroll And Time Tracking

With the time tracking and payroll module, you can easily enter, update, and analyze time entries, as well as automate payroll report preparation.

Internal Communication

Custom solutions for corporate blogging and messaging secure company communication and prevent leakage. This is a substantial addition to any of the solutions listed above.

Employee Files

This covers standard employee information as well as medical insurance and taxation information. It also saves the employees’ career history, performance evaluations, honors, and certifications.

Management Of Training

This program enables you to provide remote learning as well as live training to employees no matter where they are.

Management of Benefits

One of the highlights of this programme is that it provides detailed information on the perks supplied to employees.

Performance Monitoring

Employees can review or be reviewed by their coworkers at any moment. Furthermore, this software helps HR managers to gain immediate insights on an employee’s job performance as well as specific talents and competencies.

Employee Self-Service Portal

Employees’ self-help site allows them to manage their records and make changes to the information. They can also check to see if information is correct and up to date. Employees may also submit leave requests, connect with other employees, and readily monitor their work schedules.

Document Management

This programme enables you to manage all employee documents by name or kind. All of these papers may be readily converted to PDF or other formats and utilized in other apps.

Analysis And Report

This program offers an essential feature that allows you to analyze each employee’s performance separately. Furthermore, it may assess overall performance.

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